High-Grade Solid Metal Fidget Spinner

High-Grade Solid Metal Fidget Spinner

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  • not your average, run of the mill spinner. Wow your friends with this beauty!
  • heavier than average plastic spinner; more energy to the spin
  • quiet, safe; an overall superb build
  • durable and long lasting

Mesmerizing, spectacular, and never getting old, the fidget hand spinner has taken the world by storm in the beginning of 2017. 

And for good reason too! Fidget spinners are endlessly enjoyable to play with and awesome for productivity (Trust me, I built this site playing with a few!😃) Research has shown that moderate levels of physical activity while working (AKA fidgeting) actually helps increase the neurotransmitters in one's brain responsible for levels of concentration and focus.

And for people with anxiety, stress, depression, ADD, autism, addictions, and tension, fidget spinners are a godsend. Instead of spending thousands over a lifetime on side effect heavy pharmaceuticals no safer or healthier for one's brain than street drugs, many have chosen to use fidget spinners to alleviate symptoms instead-- and with great success! 

Spin while you work, spin while you play, spin all day!


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